Ways your Skin Reflects Stress

skin treatment in abu dhabi have all heard at one point or another that beauty starts from within. Your skin is your body’s largest and most sensitive organ. External issues can be a telltale of the wars waged within.

While this correlation between stress and skin dates back to ancient times, most studies reveal a deeper connection between them in the last two decades. Many factors cause skin concerns, but stress is known as the potential culprit. Research has shown that mental, physical, and hormonal stress can change your skin.

Are you stressed out? Your skin can show it. Studies reveal that both acute and chronic stress can exert negative effects on overall skin wellness as well as exacerbate several skin conditions including Psoriasis, eczema, acne, and hair loss. Skin barrier function, which is the skin’s protective outer layer can be impaired by stress as well hence making it more permeable, sensitive, and reactive.

Stress makes it harder for your skin to regulate and stay balanced. It’s no wonder you might notice an extra breakout during a sleepless week or after an intense argument.

Fighting stress inflammation begins with eliminating the cause. Research shows the complex link between the skin and the psyche and recommends appropriate stress management strategies to tame the fires.

    • Practice long-term stress management through meditation and yoga.
    • Avoid processed or artificial foods and sweeteners.
    • Make exercise a daily ritual.
    • Take a hot bath.
    • Read a book
    • Listen to your favorite tunes or music
    • Keep yourself hydrated
    • Choose healthy foods instead of processed ones.
    • Take it out or reach out to friends for help.
    • Consulting a psychologist for support is also stress-relieving.

Skin-psyche connection is inevitable but there are ways to combat stress aggravated skin conditions by choosing the right food, meditation, exercise, and therapy.